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  • y_carignanYves Carignan Age : 52 Principal athletic discipline : weightlifting Other sports : hockey, athletics Brief biography : 2004 : Classed second at the «Master» world championship 2003 : Classed first at the «Master» world championship 1976 : Canadian record, category 123 lbs or less : 132,5 kg (this record still holds) Olympic participation 1975 : Classed first in the North Americain championship Commonwealth record 1974 : Silver medal at the Commonwealth games Has been using Cervifor for the past year. Beneficial effects noticed : Increase in overall energy, greater resistance, faster recuperation, increase in muscle mass.
    Yves Carignan
  • e_cotton Éric Cotton Age : 35 Athletic discipline : Competitive arm wrestling, physical workout and muscle building (10 to 12 hours a week and more intensively before competitions). Brief biography : 2004 : Quebec champion at the Provincial professional championship 2002 : Classed third at the Canadian championship Since 1996 : many Quebec province championships (classed second on 4 occasions) Has been using Wapifor for over a year. Beneficial effects noticed : Clear improvement in increase of muscle mass, less tiredness, better endurance and better recuperation after an intensive effort. Faster healing of wounds due to more rapid reconstruction of muscle cells.
    Éric Cotton

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