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The future of velvet antler depends on research

such as that undertaken by Doctor Binh Nguyen-Quoc, of Canada Changmin Nutraceutique.

Nutraceutic companies are seeking effective ways to stimulate the velvet antler industry. One of these ways is long term investment in scientific research.

In order to avoid dependence on South Korea for the marketing impetus of velvet antler, producers are developing the market in industrialized nations such as the United States, Canada and Europe. Development of consumer loyalty and use of pharmaceutical products in these countries passes by scientific proof of the beneficial effects of a little known product like velvet antler. More and more active substances are being identified in velvet antler..


The success in commercialization of velvet antler in the industrialized countries will surely advantage from the proof of specific mechanisms underlying the natural qualities of health maintenance and prevention of disease. These proofs must be based on standardized and specialized clinical trials on the active compounds contained in velvet antler. Research expertise has become indispensable for velvet antler producers. In Québec Province, Canada Changmin Neutraceutique has associated itself with the
Institut des Nutraceutiques et des Aliments Fonctionnels (INAF) and the Atrium company in the development of new products derived from velvet antler. Clinical tests and standardization of active elements will contribute in convincing world consumers. With its vast distribution network for high quality neutraceutics, Atrium has chosen Wapifor from Canada Changmin in its conquest of world markets

Doctor Paul Brazeau is president of NexCell Bioscience Inc., working on research and commercialization of velvet antler powder

Dr. Paul Brazeau, président of NexCell Bioscience ihc.

Enterprise to enterprise technology transfer

Following the intervention by the Centre Québécois de Valorisation des Biotechnologies (CQVB), a partnership favouring technology transfer between NeXCell BioSciences inc., who previously concentrated its research on bovine colostrums, and Canada Changmin Neutraceutique Co. Ltée, for its available biomass of velvet antler, two companies supported by the CQVB, was formalized on the 6th of August. Benefiting from 50 000 $ in financing from Canada Changmin and CQVB, NeXCell will develop, thanks to its innovative technological platform and its partnership with Canada Changmin, a procedure leading to the characterization of new active ingredients for cosmeceutics and nutraceutics derived from the biomass of velvet antler from cervidae.
NeXCell concludes a research and commercialization partnership with Canada Changmin Nutraceutique.
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