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We use velvet antler provided exclusively by farms which are members of the AEWQ and the AECQ. The antler are harvested under veterinary supervision at the precise moment when their bio-active components responsible for antler growth are most concentrated. Our pure velvet antler powder is produced by lyophylization (vacuum and cold), a technique which integrally conserves the bio-active components which are sensitive to thermal and enzymatic degradation.

A high quality product
The superior quality of the pure velvet antler powder produced in our laboratories surpasses industry standards. Our certified analysis results prove it : Click here to obtain the analysis results (PDF format)

Wholesale pure velvet antler powder
We can furnish superior quality velvet antler powder to manufacturing enterprises and to distributors of nutraceuticals who commercialize their own brand.

The products presently commercialized by Canada Changmin Nutraceutique under the trademarks Cervifor (cerfs – deer) are made from pure velvet antler extract in capsule form.

Cervifor is offered in bottles of 60 capsules containing 280 mg pure red deer velvet antler).

Suggested intake :
Adults : 2 capsules 2 times per day

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