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Cervifor for horses

Use No. 1 antler CERVIFOR

use in order to help control pain due to arthritis, old injuries resulting joint stiffness, support stamina allowing horses to run well and have a good general health.


Sprinkle 2 tablespoons attic (2x15ml) velvet antler (CERVIFOR) per day on the horse oats. Repeat for 5 days, then back to 1 tablespoon per day until the problems are resolved.

Use # 2 of velvet antler CERVIFOR

If the velvet antler Cervifor is used in order to treat open wounds, scrapes, punctures, cuts or excessive granulation tissue.


  • Sprinkle on feed as above and MORE.
  • Mix a little water with lyophilized powder velvet antler CERVIFORTM to make a paste. It will be black.
  • Wash the wound thoroughly once with cold water.
  • Put the dough on all open by applying a thin layer opaque area. If the treated area is poorly located and the dough wants to fall, the use of gauze is required. (Note that the wound must absolutely breath)
  • If the horse reached the wound, it goes lick, biting or chewing antlers in few hours. The reason is as wood velvet quickly heals the injured area and that the latter becomes extremely irritating. Simply reload again wood velvet CERVIFOR.
  • If there is a hole in the flesh, complete, once the hole with wood powder velvet CERVIFOR.
  • Do not wash the wound on a daily basis. This will prevent scar skin off every time by forming a good crust and allow healing of the outer edges to the inside of the wound.
  • Do not use any type of ointment for velvet antler mainly because oxygen is blocked and the wound can not heal.


1 – You will notice wherever there is an open wound, it will suck velvet antler inside the wound.

2-We found an average appearance of a very thin layer of skin in 26 hours

3-The wound size shrinks to about 50% in 6-7 days.

4-Growth of short thin hair covering the area within 13 days

5-The most serious injuries are showing signs of distress, but cured in 18 days.

6-When tested on humans, we noticed instant relief from pain. The same seems to be true for horses.

8-Horses with serious injuries do not show signs of scar tissue after healing. The scar is called “hard white” and a bump under the skin appears. No matter where the scar is present, the bump does not seem to go away and usually causes arthritis here. It does not allow the nerve endings come together well and the area becomes painful in cold weather.

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